Blockchain Terminal

Gateway to the Global Cryptocurrency Market

  • Access 165+ cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Execute trades at guaranteed lowest prices
  • Trade using extensive market information
  • Perform real-time high speed arbitrage
  • Store up to 1,500 currencies in global wallet

What if buying

Was as easy as...

One Platform

Thousands of Cryptocurrencies

Designed for professional traders, Blockchain Terminal consolidates the world of cryptocurrency. On a single platform, find the tools and research you need to consistently profit from cryptocurrency.

  • Evaluate the entire market at a glance
  • Freedom to trade across 165 exchanges
  • Adjust interface for level of expertise

What’s in the Box

32-Inch Full HD Terminal

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Hardware Private Key

Explore Terminal Features

The Blockchain Terminal features revolutionary capabilities that do not exist on any other platform. Unrivaled speed and unsurpassed security provide users with a completely unique trading experience.

Blockchain Terminal streams executed trades from 165 exchanges at the fastest speed anywhere (up to 300 recent trades a second). The terminal currently has high-speed fully automated execution capabilities on the top 14 exchanges and semi-automated execution across the smaller exchanges.

Blockchain Terminal gives best execution on every trade. The order router sweeps through the exchanges, always purchasing at the lowest prices and selling at the highest prices. Selling is calculated with all commissions and fees removed – the price is net.

Blockchain Terminal makes it possible to instantly buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrency—which can currently take weeks—by providing access to the world’s liquidity all at one time. Exchanges, Market Makers and Dark Pools are all accessible.

Blockchain Terminal gives users access to the entire cryptocurrency marketplace with the ability to purchase and sell any cryptocurrency and store them in a single wallet that consolidates multiple custodians, eliminating the need to keep track of which custodian holds which currency. It also enables coins to be sent to other users on the system instantly and securely.

Blockchain Terminal uses a hardware key—not just a password—to identify and ensure the user is authorized to access the Terminal. If users don’t have the hardware key, they won’t be recognized. This also makes it impossible for others access the terminal remotely.

ComplianceGuard is a blockchain-based compliance application that records all the transactions that occur on the Blockchain Terminal. Like the flight recorder in the cockpit of an airplane, it creates an immutable record of all that has occurred in the system.

Blockchain Terminal compiles all the pertinent sources of real time data, statistics, and news from the ICO and cryptocurrency space in a single location. Third-party blockchain developers are invited to continually add Apps to the App Store.

Basic Mode
Advanced Mode

Blockchain Terminal

Like No Other Platform

  • • Access data from 165 exchanges
    • Buy/sell over 1,500 cryptocurrencies and store all coins in a single wallet
  • • Hardware key ensures terminal can only be accessed by authorized users
    • Closed system prevents remote access to the terminal
    • Anonymous authentication through terminal hardware rather than individual user
  • • ComplianceGuard technology protects your records on a blockchain ledger
    • Engages military-grade encryption
  • • Smart order router constantly monitors cryptocurrency prices
    • Best net price established based on exchange rates, fees and commissions
  • • Trade large volumes of cryptocurrency through access to global liquidity
  • • Order book connects to 165 exchanges simultaneously
    • Recent global trades streamed faster than any other platform
  • • Collective Blockchain Terminal trading volume is aggregated for lowest fees
  • • Best execution with a single click
    • Customizable interface adjustable to all experience levels
  • • Seamless use of Telegram from within the terminal
    • Participate in telegram cryptocurrency groups without joining them
  • • Send any cryptocurrency to any person with a Telegram account
    • No wallet address necessary
  • • Operating system hashes verify the security of the terminal
  • • Collection of blockchain apps (news, data and research)

Advanced Security

Acknowledging security as vital, Blockchain Terminal gives users a security key that is uniquely their own. Terminal software pairs with a touch-to-confirm security key to ensure safe, authorized access to the Blockchain Terminal.


Secure. Far-Reaching. Robust.

The BCT Thin Client Hub is a fully-functional, Linux- based PC. The BCT Hub contains the Terminal software and is compatible with specific third-party applications that operate in the BCT ecosystem.


BCT time stamps all
transactions onto an
immutable, distributed
ledger. Notes are also
recorded in a secure and
tamper-proof environment.


Alerts are propagated
through the pre-trade and
post-trade compliance rules
specified in the order
management and execution
management systems.


Real-time transaction
monitoring enables
an immediate, remote
ad hoc audit of transactional
data, should compliance
issues arise.

Blockchain Apps

The Blockchain Terminal app store is an open ecosystem
where app developers can create powerful resources for digital assets.

Pay application and trading fees with BCT tokens. Transfers are
executed via the Blockchain Terminal and facilitated by BCT Inc.

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