Blockchain Terminal

Gateway to the Global Cryptocurrency Market

  • Quick cryptocurrency-market overviews
  • Real-time token prices
  • Blockchain apps (App store)
  • Portfolio tracking
  • More

Blockchain Terminal

Like No Other Platform

Originally designed for investment funds, Blockchain Terminal simplifies and consolidates the world of cryptocurrency. On a single platform, find the data, tools and research you need to understand and fully leverage cryptocurrency.


What’s in the Box

32-Inch HD Terminal

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Private Key Device

Explore Terminal Features

Blockchain Terminal is a security-hardened cryptocurrency platform that permits connections from certified devices only. Third-party blockchain developers are invited to add apps to the app store. Blockchain Terminal prioritizes security, performance and results.

Basic Mode
Advanced Mode

One Platform.

Thousands of Cryptocurrencies.

One Platform.

Thousands of Cryptocurrencies.

  • Consolidated order book
  • Real-time market data
  • ComplianceGuard technology
  • Fast, productive performance
  • Quad-core processor with 2GB memory
  • Designed for full or part-time traders

Advanced Security

Acknowledging security as vital, Blockchain Terminal users receive a security key that is uniquely their own. Terminal software pairs with a "touch to confirm" security key to ensure safe, authorized access to your terminal.


Secure. Far-Reaching. Robust.

The BCT Thin Client Hub is a fully-functional, Linux- based PC. The BCT Hub contains the Terminal software and is compatible with specific third-party applications that operate in the BCT ecosystem.

Transparent Audit Trail

BCT time stamps all transactions onto the immutable, distributed ledger. Notes and documentation are also recorded in a secure and tamper-proof environment.

Business Rule Logic

Alerts are propagated through the pre-trade and post-trade compliance rules specified in the order management and execution management systems.

Compliance Monitoring

Real-time transaction monitoring enables immediate remote ad hoc audits of transactional data, should compliance issues arise.

Blockchain Apps

The Blockchain Terminal App Store is an open ecosystem
where app developers can create powerful resources for digital assets.

The Terminal enables you to pay for all apps, trading fees, and custodian fees with BCT tokens.
The Foundation facilitates buying BCT when you need them and returning BCT when you don't.